ACT Training Services

Inspiring growth through personal development

ACT Training Services is a London-based not-for-profit organisaton, an educational centre offering short bespoke and accredited training to people seeking to develop skills and secure sustainable employment or to become self-employed.


As a social enterprise we engage with public and philantropic organisations and individuals to support and empower vulnerable people at little or no cost to themselves.

Complementary Activities

The The Pocket Learner


An educational development programme which was pioneered by ACT Training Services and enables young children to develop vocabulary, learn basic numeracy, learn to read, improve their communication skills and develop confidence. It is particularly useful to those children deemed slow learners.


The programme comprises a range of resources which provide a basis for training parents parents and carers of children with learning difficulties and identified learning disabilities. (See pocketlearner.net for more information).is multi award-winning system is ACT's flagship product and has its own web presen.

Camptys Foundation

This is the charitable arm of ACT Training Services. The organisation seeks to improve the lives of disabled people living in deprived communities around the world by working with individuals and organisations to provide resources and services to frontline agencies working with those individuals. (For more info please visit camptys.org.)


Your donations enable us to acquire equipment and services that promote the children's' learning, health, play and employability; and boost their chances of leading active lives and achieving their full potential.


Translation Services

ACT offers a bespoke Spanish/English translation service specialising in academic documentation and certificates including police checks, birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates.


Please use the Contact us page to request our procedures as well as quotations and further information.


Camptys Foundation operates as aeb presenc

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