ACT has a number of books and inspirational posters, as well as the Pocket Learner invention which visitors may wish to know more about and/or to purchase.  These products are accessible at our Pocket Learner shop as well as at other sites including Amazon.


(inspirational text)

 Empowered is a book containing 120 inspirational quotes which inspire critical thinking at varying levels and boosts social cohesion, allowing everyone to participate, irrespective of their academic, social or economic status. People interpret them in a variety of ways and they are best appreciated when shared in group settings whether the classroom, the boardroom, places of worship or among families and friends. Once explored they are open to varying interpretations and lessons are often learnt in the process.

The quotes are thought-provoking, impacting, wise, and often witty. Not to be underestimated are the images included in the text which relate to their respective quotes and are themselves fitting objects for exploration, inspiration, and humour. The quotes are ripe for discussion and a fun way to stimulate the brain cells as we explore the broad philosophical thinking behind each statement.


The author says:  EMPOWERED is the result of divine inspiration and life lessons. The 120 quotes are part of a wider set of quotes compiled over several years. I published this book because I felt that these life truths came not “from” me but rather “through” me and it is my distinct honour to share them with the world.

If you don't see what you need on the outside

go back and look at the inside

A tree that grows in a rubbish dump

does not produce rubbish

It's better to run with winers and lose

than to run with losers and win.

If you follow a bat you could end up in a cave, but your could learn to fly!

The Pocket Learner

(educational resource)

The Pocket Learner operates within the field of Early Years Education.  The concept was developed primarily to solve reading and communication difficulties in children and as a means of support for individuals involved in the education and care of young people. 


It is a teaching methodology which builds vocabulary, enhances cognitive development, and promotes confidence. It is particularly helpful to those engaged in teaching and caring for children with learning difficulty and to individuals who are concerned about their children’s learning. 


The Pocket Learner is  also a useful learning resource in other disciplines including science, foreign language learning and numeracy. 


The Pocket Learner series includes this book, various games, nursery and primary school

resources as well as computer


Children are made  readers

on the lapsof their parents 

Emilie Buchwald

Once you learn to read you  will be forever free.

  Frederick Douglass

Practical Business ABC

(business text)

Starting your own business is one of the most important steps you can take in your life and it can be both exciting and daunting.  Practical Business ABC – A Guide for Budding Entrepreneurs presents a modern approach to entrepreneurship and business development, presenting in A–Z style, invaluable advice on many aspects of running your own business. It encourages readers to prepare effectively putting in place systems that will enhance their business operations as they develop.

The book gives an insight into the kinds of considerations to take into account before embarking on a new career as an entrepreneur, drawing on advice from several well-known business and motivational personalities, citing how theyy overcame difficulties and the strategies they employed in the pursuit and fulfillment of their mission to become successful.

Practical Business ABC can be used as a checklist for people embarking on their entrepreneurial journey if they wish to avoid common mistakes and learn from others.  It is an insightful book written in simple language with illustrations.


The book is a serious motivational tool for individuals seeking to grow their business.  It explores the journeys of people like Sir Richard Branson (Virgin) Walt Disney (Disneyland) and Les Brown - renowned motivational speaker.  It engages a wide range of personalities for example, Bob Marley, Dr Martin Luther King, Dr. John Gray and Dale Carnegie to clarify the information and provide inspiration to the young entrepreneur who may be experiencing challenges in his/her endeavour to grow a business.

One person sees a hole;

another sees an opening.

Silence is not golden where injustice reigns.

Love is like a baton;

it's made for passing.

A small dog grows up and becomes a big dog.

Jamaican Proverbs

(cultural text)

Jamaican Proverbs, People and Places  renews and reinvigorates Jamaican wisdom through proverbs and sayings, highlight the excellent contributions Jamaicans are making locally and abroad, and showcases developments in the island. It will engender a sense of pride among Jamaicans encouraging them to acknowledge and embrace their heritage and reconnect with their culture.

Jamaican Proverbs, People and Places captures a range of cultural customs used in Jamaica to communicate ideas about human nature, behaviour, relationships, aspirations, health, hope and survival.

The book provides an insight into Jamaica – places, the people, their achievements, heroes, symbols, folklore, food, fauna and flora. The tiny island nation has had either by birth or ancestry a  disproportionate number of high achievers and outstanding individuals making significant contributions both locally and globally. 


The book lists a number of people who have made Jamaica proud and showcases each parish in way that will be useful to visitors to the island.  The text contains a number of images depicting Jamaican beauty spots, recent developments in the country and things Jamaican. 


Readers will also enjoy the glossary which presents a collection of Jamaican terminology and their English equivalence.

These three books are mini versions of the Jamaican Proverbs, People and Places.  Each of them contains Jamaican proverbs relevant to their themes. 

The information on Jamaica's people, places, songs, places of interests, etc. are distributed among the three books.  In this regard, no two books contain the same information.

These books are suitable for young children of Jamaican heritage.